My Final Words for EDTCH 300 and My Contribution

It was a privilege working and learning with all of my classmates from EDTCH 300. Prior to beginning this course, I was very nervous and hesitant to create a blog and twitter handle. With the encouragement and assistance from my teacher and fellow classmates, I was able to post and tweet confidently each week. I never thought I would learn so much about different online tools while also learning about myself during my learning project. I found this class to be incredibly useful for me as a future educator and I want to thank everyone who has helped me out along the way.

You can click on my Google doc. I created which includes different comments and tweets that I made towards other classmates showing my encouragement, advice and other tips for learning.

As I complete this post I can’t help but think about how it is officially my last post/assignment EVER for University and after this month, I can apply for my teaching certificate and begin the next chapter of my life… What a great class and a great way to end these last four years of my education. What a wild ride it has been!… Good luck to everyone in becoming future educators, I wish you all nothing but the best!

Let our summer officially begin!!

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That’s a Wrap!- Learning Project Post #7

Wow! I cannot believe this is my last and final post for my learning project! Where has the time gone?… I feel like I have learned a lot in the past 7 weeks as I learned and practiced a variety of painting skills while completing specific paintings on canvases!

I began my learning project very indecisive about what I wanted to learn during the time of this course. I knew I wanted to choose something that would hold my interest throughout the entire course. I thought about my interest in pencil sketching and other drawings but never have I ever had the opportunity to learn how to paint, so it was settled! I decided to take lessons online to learn how to paint on canvases using acrylic paint.

For my first learning project post I described to everyone what I had chosen to do for my learning project while also explaining why I chose the idea. I added in my past experiences with art and my interest towards pencil sketching. My goal for this learning project was to learn new skills and eventually put them together to create a variety of paintings that I could possibly hang up in my house for decoration.

For my second learning project post, I decided to paint a landscape picture to show everyone what I was capable of doing prior to taking steps to learn the proper techniques. For my first painting I used acrylic paint and paper from a sketch book and chose to paint the view I had sitting on my deck at our cabin. I used a total of three different colors and practiced mixing certain colors to create my painting.


With my third learning project post, I dove right in and made the decision to try and paint a more complex painting on a canvas. I use a video on YouTube by a lady named Jane who taught me step-by-step how to create an abstract image. This picture was titled “A Walk in the Rain” and even though I had to make some adjustments, I was quite pleased with my end result and the picture now hangs on the wall in my bedroom!


My fourth learning projected was all about practice! I knew I wanted to practice my blending skills before I began a new painting. I started off with watching a video that gave me some tips on how to blend properly. Even though it was difficult to blend on paper instead of a canvas, I was able to practice the motion and learn how to blend a sky and sunset.


For my fifth learning project post I put my blending skills to the test and painted a sky and sunset onto a canvas. Even though canvases are a lot easier to blend the paint, being the perfectionist that I am, it still took up a lot of my time to complete. For this piece I learned how to add clouds into the sky and sunset by using a video I found on YouTube.


Following my last post, my sixth post was a continuation of my previous painting except I finished adding in the power poles for my end result! I have to admit, it may not look like it would take a long time to draw these poles, but I promise you it does!


After completing my learning project and practicing different techniques and completing my final paintings, I strong feel like I have learned so much. Prior to my learning project, I did not think there were so many different techniques and aspects of painting to keep in mind while creating a painting. Not only did I learn about painting, I also learned a lot about myself and how much patience is needing for painting. There is a lot of space left on my walls and I hope I can use my new skills in my future to continue painting so I can keep decorating my home!


Summary of Learning Project

Hi Everyone, here is my YouTube video for my summary of learning project! I decided to create a children’s storybook about my experiences throughout this course using My Storybook and Screencastify… I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave comments to let me know what you think 🙂

I truly enjoyed taking this course with all of you and I wish you nothing but the best for your future. Have a great summer!


My experience with coding was not as easy as I thought it was going to be! It might actually be safe to say that it went way above my head…

I began coding a game called “Undersea Arcade” and after about five minutes I quickly realized I chose a game that I feel should not have been under the “Beginner” category. LOL…. If you are someone like me who is completely new to the coding world, I wouldn’t recommend this one. Even though this game provided step by step instructions on the left side of the screen, I still was not able to figure this one out…

Once I learned that “Under the Sea” was too complicated for me, I decided to choose a Sports Game where you have to code in specific movements to achieve goals. This one was a lot similar to the one we practice in class last night except it started off easy and as the levels moved up it became a lot more difficult and by the second last level it seemed impossible for me to figure out. Needless to say, I needed to use some hints for extra help during the last two levels to complete my “Hour of Coding”.




Learning Project Post #6

Alright everyone, I know i’m a tad late on posting my 6th learning project post but I truly had no idea these power lines would take me this long to finish!

My last post about my learning project I included a photo of my painting where I practiced blending the sky and sunset to create the background. This week’s post is the final product with the power lines completed.

The first photo is a sneak peak of how I created each individual line for the power poles.

TA DA! Here it is…. Let me know what you guys think!

Concerns and Reassurance of YouTube in the Classroom

Hey Guys! I decided to team up with Crystal Keshane for our next blog post and post some concerns a parent might have when their child is required to use YouTube for an upcoming assignment. It is important to recognize and prepare ourselves for concerns like these as we become future educators and practice how we can positively solve any problems or concerns a parent might have while allowing them to feel comfortable with their children use technology in school.

Crystal and I created a newsletter for the students to take home informing parents of the assignment and also the conversation between the teacher and one parent of a student who had some concerns when it came to her son’s safety on the internet.

You can check out our full blog post on Crystal’s blog where you will find the newsletter and the screenshots of the conversation…


Learning Project Post #5

This week I decided to take my blending skills that I have been practicing for quite some time now and put it to the test on a canvas to create a sky with a sunset (yes that’s what it’s suppose to be). I also decided to learn how to add clouds in this time and overall, I was satisfied with the result.

Below is the picture I was aiming for but I have to admit, towards the end I began to free style and made it my own… I also included the YouTube video I used to learn how to paint in the clouds and again, It was more of a free style for me after I watched his video.

As you can see it is not exactly similar to the photo I chose but my intent was to focus more on my blending and adding clouds rather than trying to make mine look identical to the example.

This week coming up I look forward to painting on the lines for the power poles for my end result! Stay tuned…


Ending Public Shaming

Monica Lewinsky’s in depth presentation “The Price of Shame” shows us her background and struggles with online public shaming while giving us her advice on how society can begin to approach and solve these online issues positively. As Lewinsky stated in her presentation “We need to return to a long-held value of compassion- compassion and empathy”. I couldn’t agree more with her and as an educator, I not only plan to teach my students about how we can protect ourselves from the negativity on the internet, but also how we can display compassion and show empathy towards others.

Digital identities can be easily searched and viewed on the internet now, even if the correct privacy settings are properly changed to private (scary I know). It is important for students to come to the realization how easy it is to access certain material on the internet. I would implement this lesson into my classroom by showing the students how simple it is to search someone or something on google and what can be found during internet searches.

As an educator, it is also important to teach students that as soon as you hit that “Post” or “Share” button, it is made public potentially forever…Always think twice before posting!

Photo Credit: InstructionalSolutions Flickr via Compfight cc

Showing the students examples of people who have suffered negative consequences because they made a wrong choice on the internet at some point in their life, would be an effective lesson for students because witnessing these consequences first hand might allow them to proceed on the internet with more caution. Students need to be taught and always reminded that even though you may think it is something “Small” or “Not a big deal” at the time, it can change your life just like Monica Lewinsky’s story.

Cyber Sleuthing… We’ve all done it… Right?!

Yes, i’ll be the first to admit I AM guilty of cyber sleuthing a time or two which is normal considering people put their information and pictures out there on the internet to be viewed by other people right??

Today I chose to do a little sleuthing or what I like to call “research” on my classmate Crystal Keshane (yes, she was aware she was about to be stocked… I mean sleuthed).

Photo Credit: Flооd Flickr via Compfight cc

I began my sleuthing experience by searching Crystal’s Facebook page and I immediately noticed a lot of her pictures and Facebook status’ revolved around her family so that told me she is very close with her family members. A variety of her pictures and comments were also about children and how much she loves spending time with them which is a great aspect to have as a future teacher! After a few minutes of scrolling through her profile it was easy to notice Crystal has a funny but also appropriate sense of humor by the photos and videos she has shared.

Photo Credit: Visual Content Flickr via Compfight cc

Next, I decided to search Crystal’s twitter account where I noticed it was more educational based rather than displaying more personal information like her Facebook account. I scrolled through Crystal’s recent tweets and I noticed a lot of them included articles about education which tells us she is motivated to read and educate herself on numerous topics related to teaching! Crystal includes her blog URL on her twitter profile which was easy for me to click on and view her blog directly from her twitter. I love that Crystal’s home page on her blog includes an “About me” page where she shows aspects of her personal life and interests that are not included on her Facebook or Twitter profile. We can learn about Crystal’s interests more in depth on her blog and also her journey through education including elementary, high school, university and her experiences leading up to wanting to become a teacher and why she chose that career.

I ended my “research” with simply typing in Crystal Keshane’s name into google to see if I missed anything about her… Crystal’s Facebook, Twitter and blog popped up which was expected, but also a website she made about her wedding which included numerous pictures which I found was super cute! After viewing Crystal’s Facebook, Twitter and her blog, it was easy to notice how passionate she is for children, teaching and also continuing to learn which tells us she is on the right track for her future!



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