Beginning my Learning Project!

Hey guys, I have FINALLY made up my mind and decided what it is that I want to learn for my learning project! I have decided to begin painting, and by painting I mean using a variety of colors to create different landscapes and also abstract images. My goal is to complete these paintings on canvases that I can hang up and decorate my living room and kitchen with!

I knew I wanted to choose something that I could learn how to do while makeing use of it after I completed the task, so I thought painting canvases for the interior of my house was perfect idea!

I have shown an interest in art especially pencil sketches and drawings for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to sit at home and continuously pencil sketch images from magazines or even objects around my house. As a matter of fact, I still have all of my sketching books from when I was a child and also my artwork from previous art classes I have completed. I can definitely share some photos in the future if anyone is interested!

Painting has also been an interest of mine but I have never had to opportunity to learn or practice. I am so excited to get started!


3 thoughts on “Beginning my Learning Project!

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  1. Jade, this sounds like a fantastic learning project! I have been painting for years and have always done watercolours for around my house. Art does not always have to be super meaningful or creative, which can put a lot of pressure on us. I believe that creating art for decoration and simply for the fun of it is so relaxing. I cant wait to hear more about your project! Good luck!


  2. This sounds like a great learning project and I agree that it is nice to have a reason to finally dedicate time to some of the things we love to do most! You mentioned that you would be willing to show us some of your old sketches and paintings which I think is a fabulous idea! It may also be a good way to show the progression you made!


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