My thoughts about Twitter…

Before creating my Twitter account at the beginning of this course, I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. I did not know how to use the tool and I thought Twitter was only used as a way to inform other people about what they were doing, I had no idea it was also used for sharing pictures, articles, thoughts and ideas. The reason I did not have a Twitter account prior to this class was because I always thought to myself “Why would anyone care about what I am doing or interested in following me?” After creating my account, I quickly realized it was so much more than that.

I learned that Twitter can be used as a tool for sharing ideas and communicating. I am starting to become more intrigued with it and started following numerous educators and other students who provide useful articles and quotes about teaching.

I also look forward to using my twitter account once I begin teaching students in my own classroom. I look forward to posting my own experiences and how I grow as a teacher while also continuing to learn from other educators out there in the Twitter world.



One thought on “My thoughts about Twitter…

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  1. Hi Jade,
    Yes, I too was dubious about Twitter. I am pleasantly surprised as it’s a great information sharing and gathering tool. There are so many excellent articles on the internet and this is a great way to hone into the more specialized ones. Keep on tweeting and keep on learning.


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