Today I learned about the tool Evernote https://evernote.com/  and how it can be used for organizing tasks and setting reminders for yourself! I set it up to allow myself to remember the things I need to complete in this class each week and when I am suppose to have them done by! What a great way to organize my courses and assignments to be completed!

Evernote allows you to add notebooks and also add notes to those notebooks as reminders of what needs to be completed! You can also set reminders with days and times that certain tasks need to be completed by. My intent is to create a notebook for each course I am currently in and include notes for the notebooks to remind me of the assignments that need my attention.

When I have my own classroom, I can use Evernote to create a notebook for each subject I teach and notes to go along with each one for things to do in each subject or assignments the students still need to complete.

On the left hand side it shows me the notes I already made about this class and if you click on each one it shows the reminders I made for myself!


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  1. Thanks for this blog post! I had heard of Evernote and seen it advertised as a useful App but I never understood how to use it. I am going to give it a try and organize my upcoming tasks for this course with it.


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