Here it is!

Hey guys! I finished my first painting while watching this YouTube video…

This Gal is amazing her name is Jane and she has different kinds of paintings and videos for people to learn how to paint on canvases!

As I began my painting I realized I did not have the correct tools I needed which is why my painting is not as blended but I found some tools around the house and did the best I could…

Here it is! Hopefully I can challenge myself in the future and choose a more difficult photo to paint for my next one.


11 thoughts on “Here it is!

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  1. I love this! I’ve been waiting for you to post! You make me want to take up painting. I feel like if I tried to learn how to paint this exact picture, it would be a horrible attempt! lol Keep up the good work Jade! I am excited to see what else you come up with!


  2. Love it! I saw that one on her youtube and liked it. Jane is so great right! Such a great teacher and easy to follow. So happy to see your painting turned out so well. keep the great work!


  3. Jade this painting looks amazing! You are super talented, I wish I was able to paint! I love the idea of painting on canvases as a learnig project because you will always have a visual reminder of your hard work and create beauty that you can hang onto forever!

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