Educating Students on Internet Safety

I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure our students in today’s society are properly educated on how they can remain safe while using the internet and other apps! As I reviewed Alec Couros presentation it continuously reminded me of how important this is and it also reminded me of a lesson I taught in the past.

During one of my 3 week placements in a grade 6 classroom, I remember teaching a lesson on how to stay safe and make sure we have our security settings set the proper way so strangers out there cannot easily access our information, our pictures and now there are certain apps that can show people our location at all times!

I began my lesson by making a web on the board of all the websites and apps the students are “into” these days then of course added in some extra ones that I felt were appropriate. I played two short videos that included a reenactment of people that did not have their privacy settings set properly and ended up being followed home one day by a stranger. Yes, this video might have been somewhat frightening to them, but that’s okay! I wanted students to visualize what could happen if their Snapchat,, Facebook,, Instagram privacy settings are open to the public because with these apps now, you can include a location (Snapmap or “checking in”).

I also explained to the students that being apart of these social media apps and “checking in” is not necessarily a bad thing but we need to make sure our privacy setting are set properly and also by adding someone on our social media or trying to communicate with people we do not know is also not safe. I ended my lesson by going through the steps on how to properly set our privacy settings to ensure our safety for Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat.

Here are some resources I find very helpful when learning step by step how to set our privacy settings the proper and safe way:


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  1. While that lesson may have been a little scary for the students, it is the reality of our world and they needed to be aware of the potential hazards (and benefits) of using social media platforms. When it comes to safety, especially with social media, you can never be too safe! Thanks for sharing the videos on how to change settings on Facebook and Snapchat!


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