The Struggle is Real- Learning Project Post #4

This week I decided to practice a skill that I have been struggling with the most throughout my learning project… My last painting took me over three hours to paint the background because being a perfectionist, I couldn’t seem to get the blending right! After my previous painting, I decided to break down each part to the painting and practice more before putting everything together… I am hoping by practicing this skill it will speed the start process up on my next painting while keeping in mind that nothing is perfect…

I found a video via Pintrest that gave me some tips on how I can blend my background better and the steps I can to create a beautiful sky!

The first photo was my first attempt but did not work very well…

The second photo I tried mixing a little water with my paint and found that it blended the paint better! I chose to practice a sky and also a sunset because those are two backgrounds I will be using in my future paintings. I also used green tape for my horizon…




4 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real- Learning Project Post #4

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  1. Hi Jade! Great job blending, your work has shown to be fruitful! We’ve all be caught in the situation where we’ve spent too much time on something for a return only a select few can appreciate! I really like this learning project idea, and thanks for the pinterest resources!


  2. Hey Jade!

    I understand the struggle of being a perfectionist. I am glad that you decided to set aside time to practice and test out different ways to blend the background. I like that you showed both attempts! I can’t wait to see what your future paintings look like!


  3. Way to recognize that you needed to spend some more time on a particular area of your learning. I agree that being a perfectionist can sometimes get in the way of ‘letting go’ and moving forward. Thanks for your honesty in this post and keep up the practice!


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