Cyber Sleuthing… We’ve all done it… Right?!

Yes, i’ll be the first to admit I AM guilty of cyber sleuthing a time or two which is normal considering people put their information and pictures out there on the internet to be viewed by other people right??

Today I chose to do a little sleuthing or what I like to call “research” on my classmate Crystal Keshane (yes, she was aware she was about to be stocked… I mean sleuthed).

Photo Credit: Flооd Flickr via Compfight cc

I began my sleuthing experience by searching Crystal’s Facebook page and I immediately noticed a lot of her pictures and Facebook status’ revolved around her family so that told me she is very close with her family members. A variety of her pictures and comments were also about children and how much she loves spending time with them which is a great aspect to have as a future teacher! After a few minutes of scrolling through her profile it was easy to notice Crystal has a funny but also appropriate sense of humor by the photos and videos she has shared.

Photo Credit: Visual Content Flickr via Compfight cc

Next, I decided to search Crystal’s twitter account where I noticed it was more educational based rather than displaying more personal information like her Facebook account. I scrolled through Crystal’s recent tweets and I noticed a lot of them included articles about education which tells us she is motivated to read and educate herself on numerous topics related to teaching! Crystal includes her blog URL on her twitter profile which was easy for me to click on and view her blog directly from her twitter. I love that Crystal’s home page on her blog includes an “About me” page where she shows aspects of her personal life and interests that are not included on her Facebook or Twitter profile. We can learn about Crystal’s interests more in depth on her blog and also her journey through education including elementary, high school, university and her experiences leading up to wanting to become a teacher and why she chose that career.

I ended my “research” with simply typing in Crystal Keshane’s name into google to see if I missed anything about her… Crystal’s Facebook, Twitter and blog popped up which was expected, but also a website she made about her wedding which included numerous pictures which I found was super cute! After viewing Crystal’s Facebook, Twitter and her blog, it was easy to notice how passionate she is for children, teaching and also continuing to learn which tells us she is on the right track for her future!




2 thoughts on “Cyber Sleuthing… We’ve all done it… Right?!

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  1. Hey, Jade

    Nice picture with the magnifying glass! Looks like you did a fine job stalking… err, sleuthing Crystal! It’s interesting just how much you can tell or inference about someone’s life just from their social media presence!



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