That’s a Wrap!- Learning Project Post #7

Wow! I cannot believe this is my last and final post for my learning project! Where has the time gone?… I feel like I have learned a lot in the past 7 weeks as I learned and practiced a variety of painting skills while completing specific paintings on canvases!

I began my learning project very indecisive about what I wanted to learn during the time of this course. I knew I wanted to choose something that would hold my interest throughout the entire course. I thought about my interest in pencil sketching and other drawings but never have I ever had the opportunity to learn how to paint, so it was settled! I decided to take lessons online to learn how to paint on canvases using acrylic paint.

For my first learning project post I described to everyone what I had chosen to do for my learning project while also explaining why I chose the idea. I added in my past experiences with art and my interest towards pencil sketching. My goal for this learning project was to learn new skills and eventually put them together to create a variety of paintings that I could possibly hang up in my house for decoration.

For my second learning project post, I decided to paint a landscape picture to show everyone what I was capable of doing prior to taking steps to learn the proper techniques. For my first painting I used acrylic paint and paper from a sketch book and chose to paint the view I had sitting on my deck at our cabin. I used a total of three different colors and practiced mixing certain colors to create my painting.


With my third learning project post, I dove right in and made the decision to try and paint a more complex painting on a canvas. I use a video on YouTube by a lady named Jane who taught me step-by-step how to create an abstract image. This picture was titled “A Walk in the Rain” and even though I had to make some adjustments, I was quite pleased with my end result and the picture now hangs on the wall in my bedroom!


My fourth learning projected was all about practice! I knew I wanted to practice my blending skills before I began a new painting. I started off with watching a video that gave me some tips on how to blend properly. Even though it was difficult to blend on paper instead of a canvas, I was able to practice the motion and learn how to blend a sky and sunset.


For my fifth learning project post I put my blending skills to the test and painted a sky and sunset onto a canvas. Even though canvases are a lot easier to blend the paint, being the perfectionist that I am, it still took up a lot of my time to complete. For this piece I learned how to add clouds into the sky and sunset by using a video I found on YouTube.


Following my last post, my sixth post was a continuation of my previous painting except I finished adding in the power poles for my end result! I have to admit, it may not look like it would take a long time to draw these poles, but I promise you it does!


After completing my learning project and practicing different techniques and completing my final paintings, I strong feel like I have learned so much. Prior to my learning project, I did not think there were so many different techniques and aspects of painting to keep in mind while creating a painting. Not only did I learn about painting, I also learned a lot about myself and how much patience is needing for painting. There is a lot of space left on my walls and I hope I can use my new skills in my future to continue painting so I can keep decorating my home!



Learning Project Post #6

Alright everyone, I know i’m a tad late on posting my 6th learning project post but I truly had no idea these power lines would take me this long to finish!

My last post about my learning project I included a photo of my painting where I practiced blending the sky and sunset to create the background. This week’s post is the final product with the power lines completed.

The first photo is a sneak peak of how I created each individual line for the power poles.

TA DA! Here it is…. Let me know what you guys think!

Learning Project Post #5

This week I decided to take my blending skills that I have been practicing for quite some time now and put it to the test on a canvas to create a sky with a sunset (yes that’s what it’s suppose to be). I also decided to learn how to add clouds in this time and overall, I was satisfied with the result.

Below is the picture I was aiming for but I have to admit, towards the end I began to free style and made it my own… I also included the YouTube video I used to learn how to paint in the clouds and again, It was more of a free style for me after I watched his video.

As you can see it is not exactly similar to the photo I chose but my intent was to focus more on my blending and adding clouds rather than trying to make mine look identical to the example.

This week coming up I look forward to painting on the lines for the power poles for my end result! Stay tuned…


The Struggle is Real- Learning Project Post #4

This week I decided to practice a skill that I have been struggling with the most throughout my learning project… My last painting took me over three hours to paint the background because being a perfectionist, I couldn’t seem to get the blending right! After my previous painting, I decided to break down each part to the painting and practice more before putting everything together… I am hoping by practicing this skill it will speed the start process up on my next painting while keeping in mind that nothing is perfect…

I found a video via Pintrest that gave me some tips on how I can blend my background better and the steps I can to create a beautiful sky!

The first photo was my first attempt but did not work very well…

The second photo I tried mixing a little water with my paint and found that it blended the paint better! I chose to practice a sky and also a sunset because those are two backgrounds I will be using in my future paintings. I also used green tape for my horizon…



Here it is!

Hey guys! I finished my first painting while watching this YouTube video…

This Gal is amazing her name is Jane and she has different kinds of paintings and videos for people to learn how to paint on canvases!

As I began my painting I realized I did not have the correct tools I needed which is why my painting is not as blended but I found some tools around the house and did the best I could…

Here it is! Hopefully I can challenge myself in the future and choose a more difficult photo to paint for my next one.

My First Painting!

Hi Everyone, I decided to paint my first painting showing everyone the skills I have PRIOR to learning how to paint using proper techniques. As you can see, I have a lot to learn!

I chose to paint one of the sights that I see everyday when I wake up at our cabin. (It’s a pine tree in case anyone was wondering and I can assure you it is more beautiful in person LOL). I also used only three colors of paint so I could experience mixing different colors. I painted this picture using one large brush, one smaller brush and also my fingers to blend.

I look forward to learning new colors and techniques and develop my skills further… I hope everyone had a great may long weekend!!

Beginning my Learning Project!

Hey guys, I have FINALLY made up my mind and decided what it is that I want to learn for my learning project! I have decided to begin painting, and by painting I mean using a variety of colors to create different landscapes and also abstract images. My goal is to complete these paintings on canvases that I can hang up and decorate my living room and kitchen with!

I knew I wanted to choose something that I could learn how to do while makeing use of it after I completed the task, so I thought painting canvases for the interior of my house was perfect idea!

I have shown an interest in art especially pencil sketches and drawings for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to sit at home and continuously pencil sketch images from magazines or even objects around my house. As a matter of fact, I still have all of my sketching books from when I was a child and also my artwork from previous art classes I have completed. I can definitely share some photos in the future if anyone is interested!

Painting has also been an interest of mine but I have never had to opportunity to learn or practice. I am so excited to get started!

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