The Struggle is Real- Learning Project Post #4

This week I decided to practice a skill that I have been struggling with the most throughout my learning project… My last painting took me over three hours to paint the background because being a perfectionist, I couldn’t seem to get the blending right! After my previous painting, I decided to break down each part to the painting and practice more before putting everything together… I am hoping by practicing this skill it will speed the start process up on my next painting while keeping in mind that nothing is perfect…

I found a video via Pintrest that gave me some tips on how I can blend my background better and the steps I can to create a beautiful sky!

The first photo was my first attempt but did not work very well…

The second photo I tried mixing a little water with my paint and found that it blended the paint better! I chose to practice a sky and also a sunset because those are two backgrounds I will be using in my future paintings. I also used green tape for my horizon…




Linking People Together

Does technology link people together?

I believe Wesch’s statement is becoming more and more plausible everyday. New technology and programs are being developed every week on the web for people to put themselves out there and form relationships while being able to stay connected. YouTube was the very first tool created for people to post their own videos for the rest of the world to view. Yes, relationships have and continue to form as people post videos for the world to relate to or simply find entertaining.

The internet has now developed numerous tools and different ways for society to keep in touch while forming new relationships. I believe it is my job as an educator to teach my students how to use technology in a positive way that might benefit themselves socially and academically. As new tools are forming for ways to communicate with people around the world, it is also my duty to teach my students about internet safety and why it is important. Using the internet to form relationships is not necessarily a bad idea but taking the proper steps to ensure safety is top priority.



Educating Students on Internet Safety

I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure our students in today’s society are properly educated on how they can remain safe while using the internet and other apps! As I reviewed Alec Couros presentation it continuously reminded me of how important this is and it also reminded me of a lesson I taught in the past.

During one of my 3 week placements in a grade 6 classroom, I remember teaching a lesson on how to stay safe and make sure we have our security settings set the proper way so strangers out there cannot easily access our information, our pictures and now there are certain apps that can show people our location at all times!

I began my lesson by making a web on the board of all the websites and apps the students are “into” these days then of course added in some extra ones that I felt were appropriate. I played two short videos that included a reenactment of people that did not have their privacy settings set properly and ended up being followed home one day by a stranger. Yes, this video might have been somewhat frightening to them, but that’s okay! I wanted students to visualize what could happen if their Snapchat,, Facebook,, Instagram privacy settings are open to the public because with these apps now, you can include a location (Snapmap or “checking in”).

I also explained to the students that being apart of these social media apps and “checking in” is not necessarily a bad thing but we need to make sure our privacy setting are set properly and also by adding someone on our social media or trying to communicate with people we do not know is also not safe. I ended my lesson by going through the steps on how to properly set our privacy settings to ensure our safety for Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat.

Here are some resources I find very helpful when learning step by step how to set our privacy settings the proper and safe way:

Here it is!

Hey guys! I finished my first painting while watching this YouTube video…

This Gal is amazing her name is Jane and she has different kinds of paintings and videos for people to learn how to paint on canvases!

As I began my painting I realized I did not have the correct tools I needed which is why my painting is not as blended but I found some tools around the house and did the best I could…

Here it is! Hopefully I can challenge myself in the future and choose a more difficult photo to paint for my next one.


Today I learned about the tool Evernote  and how it can be used for organizing tasks and setting reminders for yourself! I set it up to allow myself to remember the things I need to complete in this class each week and when I am suppose to have them done by! What a great way to organize my courses and assignments to be completed!

Evernote allows you to add notebooks and also add notes to those notebooks as reminders of what needs to be completed! You can also set reminders with days and times that certain tasks need to be completed by. My intent is to create a notebook for each course I am currently in and include notes for the notebooks to remind me of the assignments that need my attention.

When I have my own classroom, I can use Evernote to create a notebook for each subject I teach and notes to go along with each one for things to do in each subject or assignments the students still need to complete.

On the left hand side it shows me the notes I already made about this class and if you click on each one it shows the reminders I made for myself!

My thoughts about Twitter…

Before creating my Twitter account at the beginning of this course, I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. I did not know how to use the tool and I thought Twitter was only used as a way to inform other people about what they were doing, I had no idea it was also used for sharing pictures, articles, thoughts and ideas. The reason I did not have a Twitter account prior to this class was because I always thought to myself “Why would anyone care about what I am doing or interested in following me?” After creating my account, I quickly realized it was so much more than that.

I learned that Twitter can be used as a tool for sharing ideas and communicating. I am starting to become more intrigued with it and started following numerous educators and other students who provide useful articles and quotes about teaching.

I also look forward to using my twitter account once I begin teaching students in my own classroom. I look forward to posting my own experiences and how I grow as a teacher while also continuing to learn from other educators out there in the Twitter world.


My First Painting!

Hi Everyone, I decided to paint my first painting showing everyone the skills I have PRIOR to learning how to paint using proper techniques. As you can see, I have a lot to learn!

I chose to paint one of the sights that I see everyday when I wake up at our cabin. (It’s a pine tree in case anyone was wondering and I can assure you it is more beautiful in person LOL). I also used only three colors of paint so I could experience mixing different colors. I painted this picture using one large brush, one smaller brush and also my fingers to blend.

I look forward to learning new colors and techniques and develop my skills further… I hope everyone had a great may long weekend!!

HIGHLY recommend Feedly!

How did I previously not know about Feedly to find articles and resources?! 

It is so easy to set up and find articles simply by creating my own feeds on certain categories I am interested in!

I began my search with clicking on “Add Content” in the bottom left corner which then allowed me to type in topics or websites of my choice. I chose to create a category for my EDTECH class so after typing in “edtech” to the search bar, it gave me a variety of sources based off of education and technology to follow! I also searched “Education” and it gave me options to follow sources that include free resources to use for teaching.

On the right hand side of the screen it also shows “You Might Also Like” which gave me the option to click and follow pages that relate to the categories I made and he other pages I follow.

Finding articles that revolve around different ways of teaching or using technology will become very helpful as I begin my journey teaching very soon. I hope to save my favorite articles and continue to use Feedly when I have my own classroom in the near future.

Here is a glimpse of my Feedly page!

Beginning my Learning Project!

Hey guys, I have FINALLY made up my mind and decided what it is that I want to learn for my learning project! I have decided to begin painting, and by painting I mean using a variety of colors to create different landscapes and also abstract images. My goal is to complete these paintings on canvases that I can hang up and decorate my living room and kitchen with!

I knew I wanted to choose something that I could learn how to do while makeing use of it after I completed the task, so I thought painting canvases for the interior of my house was perfect idea!

I have shown an interest in art especially pencil sketches and drawings for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to sit at home and continuously pencil sketch images from magazines or even objects around my house. As a matter of fact, I still have all of my sketching books from when I was a child and also my artwork from previous art classes I have completed. I can definitely share some photos in the future if anyone is interested!

Painting has also been an interest of mine but I have never had to opportunity to learn or practice. I am so excited to get started!

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