My Teaching Philosophy

When I began my journey as a student/educator, I realized that all students have unique ways of learning. Paying close attention to certain needs to make sure students have equal learning opportunities is an essential part of teaching.

It is my goal as an educator to allow my students to feel comfortable and safe while learning in my classroom. I want my students to know that they will have my support for success and I look forward to watching them grow as students. Creating a fun hands-on atmosphere for my students is also important to me as I believe it is an effective way of learning.

Photo of my classroom during my 4 month internship

During my 4 month internship I learned that getting to know students and building a trustworthy relationship with them is the key to gaining respect from the students and maintaining control over a classroom. Being consistent with the values of the classroom and bringing forward positive behaviors are important for students to witness on a daily basis. As I continue on my path to teach, I look forward to the future and having my own classroom to encourage my future students to be themselves and embrace individuality while staying motivated in their learning.


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